As 2020 nears its close, so many of us have been through seismic changes.

In spite of, or perhaps even because of this, we have also found that a great many folks are more keen than ever to pursue their dreams of a custom log or timberframe home.

What will it cost?

In 2020 we updated our price lists for round log home and timberframe home building. To get a good feel for total project costs — a turnkey home — you should follow this rule of thumb:

Turnkey costs

Our pricing sheets list two types of material kits:

Log/Timber Shell – this includes log walls, post and beam floor system, post and beam roof system

(Note: the Timber Frame shell does not have solid log or timber walls as it has a post and beam wall system.)

Weathertight Shell – logs/timber shell, roof frame system, steel roofing, wall frame system for dormers (if applicable) including exterior siding, fascia/soffit, windows and doors, interior framing, second floor frame (if applicable)


Both the log/timber shell and weathertight shell include installation but not delivery if outside of our one-hour drive time radius from Almonte, Ontario. Outside of our core area, additional delivery costs apply.

For a good approximate turnkey build cost, we suggest that you double the cost of the weathertight shell in our kit pricing sheets.

Keen to get started?

We hope the information here is helpful in planning your new log or timber frame home. Accurate budget forecasting is important.

If you are really enthusiastic about getting started, we can develop a cost analysis for your specific project. Please reach out to us to start the conversation.

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