Did you know that we provide log home restoration services across Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec? While lots of folks come to us for their new home builds, not everyone knows we can also return for restoration measures down the road.

Log Home Stain & Restoration

Log home maintenance services available from Kealey Tackaberry Log Homes include:

  • Log Cleaning, Log Blasting or Media Blasting
  • Existing Stain Removal
  • New Stain Application
  • Log / Timber Repair
  • Log / Timber Replacement
  • Log Caulking, Log Chinking or Energy Seal

It’s fairly common for restoration projects to include modifications like cutting new windows and our team is able to undertake these changes at the same time.

Is your log home or structure in need of some TLC this year? Give us a call or fill in our contact form below, and we’ll help protect its natural beauty.

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Log Home Maintenance Explained

The natural beauty of log homes attracts many of us to build one, but they also require more maintenance than a typical home. Read our blog post all about what you can do to look after your log home.

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