Building a log bunkie as a companion outbuilding to your main log cabin or home is a great plan. It expands outdoor space and provides more living/guest space that is innately flexible.

Our 9′ x 12′ Muskoka Bunkie is a great plan that includes a kitchen space and keeps the structure under 108 sq.ft.

We’ve pulled together a detailed cost analysis document for this model to help you see all costs associated with building the Muskoka Bunkie using 12″ milled round logs, solid log gables, and steel roofing.

Also included in the costs, we assume R36 roof insulation, 60amp electrical service, a wood stove for heating, and kitchen cupboards. Naturally, these details can always be revised to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Log construction and the building code

Many people think that log homes are not in the building code but in fact they are. Currently, the minimum round log permitted by our building code is 9” thick. This is the new thickness after the 2017 building code update. Previously the minimum thickness was just 7”.

In anticipation of future code updates, we want your log home investment to be protected, so we include a minimum 12″ log with all of our packages.

In addition to using larger logs for more insulation, we also pride ourselves on constructing each log home as air-tight as possible for maximum efficiency.

Although our joinery has each log tightly fitted together, we actually include secondary protection with air infiltration-activated gaskets on both sides of each log. With these gaskets we can easily meet air tightness levels of Energy Star certified homes.

Interested in a bunkie where you live or play? Check out our bunkie plans and cost analysis, then give us a shout.

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