As we inch closer to the Canada Day long weekend, plans for getting away from it all are top of mind. If you’re considering a new log home or cottage, use the summer season to crystallize layout and design elements that you’re looking for. Visiting a friend or family member’s cottage or log home, or perhaps renting one? Take a good look around and note what you like.

Over the years of designing and building log homes for our customers, we’ve created a series of log home plans to suit most needs and tastes.

Start with a plan, then make it yours

Ranging in size from 936 ft.² to well over 2,500 ft.², our 17 log home plans encompass a wide range of lifestyles and layouts, from the simple 2-bed, 1 bath layouts to 4-bed, 2-bath layouts and every possible combination in between. Bonus rooms and bonus baths included.

It goes without saying that any log home plan may still need adjusting to best fit the lifestyle and needs of the home or cottage/cabin owner.

It’s often so much easier to take something close to what you’re looking for, and then adjusting it to get it just right.

Approaches to indoor and outdoor spaces can vary quite widely, and the summer is a good time to remind yourself whether you prefer a well defined, screened in room or porch to a long verandah. Whether you need open deck spaces or patios with well thought out cooking and dining areas.

You might want a combination of these and considering the flow that would best suit how you live is easiest in three dimensions. Notice how indoor and outdoor spaces are connected at properties you particularly enjoy visiting.

You can then peruse the log home plans offered by Kealey Tackaberry Log Homes to find one that you can finetune or have us design your perfect log home from scratch.

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